A very, very dark well…

When the night is deep, and everything for miles outside is calm and asleep – he wakes up in a dream inside of a very, very dark well. The sound of water gurgling down along its jagged walls, to the rocky pit he stands knee-deep upon surrounds him. Taunting.

“You won’t get out. You’re not good enough to get out,” it seems to say above the slush and echo, the mist and the smell.

The water is not clear, its dark. Black. The grey expressionless sky visible through the maw of the well, offers no hope, makes no promises. He must escape it.

He tries. He tries to reach up. To raise his arms. To get a grip. The sharp rocks bite into his fingers. He flinches – falls.

Splash! Into the water below. Gets up. Tries again. Makes a grip on the rock. The other hand reaches above. Another grip. Then a foot. Everything bites. But he keeps at it. He raises a few feet on the wall. Foul water run down on him like thick, blunt sheets of steel. One step – then the second – then the third. His breath is ragged. His heart pounding…Must escape. The walls of the well are closing in on him, like its being zippered up. He must keep on. On and on he must. One hand, then the other above it. One foot above the other. Keep going.

The walls begin to morph into faces around him. Stony rocks take forms of eyes, a nose, lips. Sinister and dark. He keeps pushing, keeps rising.

“You are one of us, where are you going,” the faces on the walls speak with a smirk. “It is your duty to stay here. How dare you trample over us. You will never leave. NEVER.”

With a sudden jerk the entire well heaves. A wave goes through it jolting him, loosening his grip. He falls – slips – tumbles. Down and down and down back to the endless pit he goes. Legs over arms over head, all back to the dark below – his heart is racing, his mouth is screaming – all falling back with a SPLASH.

He wakes up, out of breath, a foul stench in his nostrils a sour taste in his mouth.


Credit: illustration by  Mariah (M.S)


  1. So good Farrukh! I could relate to the faces telling him he didn’t fit in and couldn’t escape. When it’s written like this I can see how I just need to face the fears that hold me back sometimes….. Mariah, as always…. such a beautiful illustration. Love you guys so much!

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    1. Thanks so much for ur comments- always. This dream is something I’ve had many times in the last year. Unfortunately the faces are all to known. I am glad if it cud help u in someway god knows we need to get out of our wells- if not now then prolly never. We love u too 🙂

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    1. Wow thanks for ur kindness a million times over, u don’t have to call me anything really we r all in the same boat learning from each other growing. I am seriously not even the scrap at end of the barrel of the writing world. Please dont say that ur not good coz u r, just keep practicing and reading the good stuff. But i am so indebted to kind comments like u. Keep writing and growing 🙂 thanks again 🙏

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      1. Youare most welcome to comment on errors or things that you feel i need to work on. These posts are an effort to improve my skill as well. I dont mind even if they are scathing lolzzz 🙂


      2. You’re reading and keeping the pen moving–already the best ways to hone your craft. 🙂 I’m not really one to scathe, I think, but I do like to work with writers on drafts. Thanks for the open connection.

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  2. Loved this one! It reminds me of situations, people, or a group of people that seem to go out of their way to prevent you from escaping a dark place and trying to convince you that it’s the only place you belong.

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