An old house in a storm

Grey clouds swarm around the house closing in – flashing arcs of light and clapping thunder rent the dusky evening sky, making the glass in the old steel frame windows shiver in a slight fright. A cool breeze bellows from the sky over the sun baked ground below.

The breeze whistles through the screen doors, and creeps through out the house – driving and pushing the gall and pesters of the day’s heat away. Outside, the first few drops of rain splatter on the grey cement porch – a thick humid mist rises.

Splat – one here,

Splat – another there,

Splat-splat-splat…they fall hither and dither now, large blessed blots of distilled, childish delight. The breeze permeates deeper and deeper into the crevices of the house and seeps into the souls of the living – come out, come out, it’s ok now. The broken, beaten and battered souls of the day believe its Earthy-toned promise.

Now, whistling, and clapping, and flashing, and thundering, and seeping and pattering, the heavens churn, soaking the house with a deep relieving joy. The warmth of the day rising – a cool settling. The warmth draining – the cool pluming, washing away all the burdens and all the toils, until only the earthy-whiffs remain, and the soft patter.

Listen to it:




Inside the house a lantern lights, with a deep glowing hiss. It sits on a table near the wall next to the screen doors. A wheyish golden spreads through the room. The rain sieves through the steel screen. It sprays the floor inside. But let it pool.

Let it rain more and more!

More thunder, more flashes, more spray – a deluge for the soul.

Let it blow more and more!

And yet, in a little while, let there be the deep fried aroma of crispy pakoras and crunchy samosas, and let there be enough to the heart’s content.


*Pakoras and Samosas are two popular deep fried snacks in south Asia . They go exceptionally well with the Monsoons.


Credit: illustration by  Mariah (M.S)


  1. How beautiful was that! It was one of the most amazing descriptions I’ve ever read. i am in awe. The way you don’t just picture it, but FEEL it deep in your soul. And the way you used different verbs and adjectives to create this picture… There are no words. It’s amazing – no it’s beautiful. I have a passion for the use of words and I really liked it. Thanks so so much for sharing it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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