Sunny-side up

Sunny side up is a life that can be anything. Free from caution or blame, it simmers and crackles with possibility – you can be You, it sparks, all of you, without any deletions, omissions or redactions. It is a life of your own, sponsored by you, for you. Take that left turn if you want to, or the right or go straight on or back where it all started. It is leashed and tethered to nothing.

Sunny side up is my life minus the fog and haze of their burdens. Minus the pins of hurt in their pretended smiles. Minus the slow arm twisting over their feigned care. It is me in control and them on notice. It is I choosing to live ME and feeling blessed despite their curses. It is me choosing life over their bondage. It is me, it is my life, I have only this one – it is my right.

Sunny side up can be all of you, their huddled behind the screens. It calls you out reaching through the divide now, come savor it, crackle with it, soar around it. It is yours. It was always yours. Don’t while it away over the molds of the world. Tomorrow can wait – you can be you today and try it on for size – at a discount especially for today.


Credit: illustration by  Mariah (M.S)


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